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The program is for Black female 9th graders at three Manor ISD campuses

who would be first-generation college students and graduates.


Groups of 4-5 high school girls will be mentored by a young Black woman who is a first-generation college student at UT-Austin and part of Fearless Leadership Institute. Mentors will meet with their group of mentees once a week, using a culturally responsive curriculum to help prepare their mentees for future success.


Topics discussed will include:

 self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationship skills, and responsible decision-making. 


High school students will remain together year-to-year in a grade-based cohort and

mentors will lead their assigned group for one year.

The intention is to add a grade each year, until the program serves 9th-12th grade students. 

Our Girls

We serve 9th - 12th Girls

in the Austin, TX area who are a part of Manor ISD.

Our Mentors

Our mentors are comprised of Black woman who are first-generation college students at the University of Texas at Austin and

part of Fearless Leadership Institute.

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